Yes, it's called the Honey Hole --- check out the delicious website and menu!

It's a name for a general a place to find really good stuff -- we couldn't agree more and we couldn't be happier to have developed the site...

Their story: The Honey Hole was created for everyone, so we set out to build it in the Old Village of Plymouth. We wanted to bring a coffee house and great place to eat to the area and this is where we decided to do so after the stars aligned.  Our place was named after your favorite fishing spot, or in general a place to find really good stuff.  Also, we have a great admiration for the arts, which gave us the inspiration for the murals on the north and south walls, and the local hand painted artwork inside.

The owner wanted the website to look like the restaurant -- friendly and easy to use. We built-in a custom menu process and layout, a site just as welcoming as the place itself! Sweeeet as....ya know.

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